Imagine if… you were a wheelchair user and had such low confidence that you had not left your house for years.

Imagine if… your child’s autism meant that you and your family were prisoners in your own home.

Imagine if… your child had a severe muscle wasting condition and as they got older and wanted their independence, their body and physical skills were declining … meaning they needed more help from you than ever.


For over thirty years, Dogs for Good has been using its knowledge and experience to bring people with disabilities and dogs together, enabling life-changing differences.  Through the power of expertly trained dogs, we support people with autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and dementia, empowering them to live more independent lives.

We match the needs and lifestyle of an individual or a family with the skills, temperament and abilities of the right dog.  Our range of services provides:


  • ˜Expertly trained assistance dogs   

  • Dogs and handlers working alongside health and educational professionals to support individuals and families develop independence and improved wellbeing

  • Advice to help people develop a relationship and strong bond with a pet dog, to ease specific challenges

  • Good advice to enable dog lovers to better understand their dog and enjoy the benefits of a special bond


Whichever service we provide our philosophy remains the same; a better understanding of dogs leads to the development of a strong bond and relationship. 


Our approach is unique.  We’re pioneering new ways of working to enable us to use our resources to help as many people as possible.  The help our dogs provide goes beyond practical support; time spent with a dog helps reduce loneliness, improve confidence and enables the children and adults we support to fulfil their potential.  All this is underpinned by a passion to promote high standards of wellbeing for every dog.


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