Welcome to the Woof Pack Hub!


Within the hub you will find all the information you need to attend your screening, find loads of awesome resources to help promote the event and you will be able to upload evidence of your shares in order to secure a second ticket for your screening (the films are best enjoyed with friends after all!).


For reference, here's the info that we emailed you about what you need to do as a member of the Woof Pack.

A few pointers to help you get going:

Social Media Resources

To download images, GIFs and the trailer (to share on social media) please click on the media resources link. Here you will be able to download some rad resources and share to your heart's content.

To download the resources click on the           symbol on the image, GIF or trailer and it will download for you to save and upload to your social media pages. We've also created some text to go with the resources. You can download this in the same way and adapt it for your screening. You can use all of the resources on Facebook and the images and trailer on Instagram; GIFs however cannot be uploaded directly to Instagram. 

Promotional Material

We will send out your promotional material approximately 6 weeks before your screening. We will send you an email to confirm that it is on the way to you. 

How to get an Extra Ticket

If you wish to secure a second ticket to your screening (to bring a partner/friend/family member), please remember to upload three pieces of evidence (screenshot or photo) of promotional work you have done, such as displaying a poster in your local outdoors store or sharing a GIF in your local dog walking group on Facebook.

To upload evidence click on to your profile, and when it opens click on the camera symbol to upload a picture.

To guarantee a second ticket at your screening you must upload three pieces of evidence before 5pm on the Sunday before your screening.

Facebook Events

To find and join the Facebook event that has been created for your screening click here 

Screening Information

Find out all you need to know about attending your screening by clicking here 

If you have any questions, why not post them for discussion in the Members' Forum?! It doesn't even have to be screening related - this could be the perfect place for you to find someone to walk with in your local area. This is your space and we want it to be as friendly and welcoming as possible!

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