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Top Dog Film Festival – the making of

Welcome to the first ever virtual edition of the Top Dog Film Festival! We’re thrilled to deliver these heart-warming canine-themed films to your living room – and had lots of unusual fun producing a virtual show in ever-changing levels of lockdown.

Our first location was Top Dog HQ in Northamptonshire. The neighbours were possibly a bit bemused by the 24ft screen that appeared in our back garden – and Gilbert the cockapoo certainly was!

The day started smoothly, but a torrential downpour soon stopped play. What happens when a 24ft screen gets thoroughly drenched? We’ll let you know when we next use it!

After attempt one was cut short, our next filming location was somewhat snowier, and Gilbert was very helpful in looking for filming locations…

…Although by lunch time he'd began to tire of all the hard work...

After a few more mishaps at both filming locations (including an unfortunate incident with bird poo – Rosie still doesn’t like to talk about it), we’re delighted with our first ever virtual Top Dog event and so happy that you can join us to watch these inspirational films. We can’t wait to see you back in theatres soon – and until then, enjoy the show!

Did someone say bird poo?

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